Welcome to Looping.Tech

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves.

We believe in making the web human-centered.

Data-driven, human-centered. Looping Tech has one goal; to create digital solutions so that your business can tell its story to anyone, regardless of age, income, gender, politics, or where they live.

We started our agency excited to dive into the global world with the mission of combining innovation, user-centered solutions, and intense collaboration in a distributed work team. Some say this sounds impossible, but we’re determined to make it work! Our tool box? Honesty, transparency, tolerance, trust building, and striving to always take informed decisions based on metrics about usage and interaction in addition to listening to the feedback we get from real users.

Meet our team.

Founder & CTO

Najib Karrouk

The creative one with all of the innovative ideas, focused on building a joyful squad. An optimistic & supportive leader. ????????

Lead Engineer

Angelica Gardner

She’s the researcher of the team, always trying to improve and optimize solution and workflow ???????? – while also having fun.

Senior Developer

B. Göransson

He’s the teams’ WordPress guru with over a decade of experience in qualitative problem solving with the world’s most popular CMS. ????????‍????

Happiness Engineer

Carina Hjelm

She’s the team coach, always making sure each one of us – and our clients – feel welcome, heard and maintain a work-life balance. ????????

Business Consultant

Hanan Karrouk

Our passionate member with great ideas after many years of experience in business. Striving to empower diverse teams. ????


Like to join us? Check out our career openings to see if we’re the right place for you. ❤️

Our story.

It all started back in 2013 when our founder Najib just launched his first startup. As a driven entrepreneur, he was focusing all of his effort on marketing, business development, and customer service – outsourcing everything tech related.

These were the years when meetings with customers started to take place primarily through digital communication. Najib knew the importance of IT solutions, but the developers he hired didn’t seem to. ???? He couldn’t understand the attitude he saw; taking clients’ money for unoptimized solutions, shipping products that hadn’t been tested, and the lack of user-centered mindset.

Frustrated with the situation, Najib began to connect with like-minded and found out that there were actually a lot of entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups that were unsatisfied with their digital products.

That first business of his never survived and since then, Najib has participated in the launch of multiple startup projects, so he knows the struggle. The idea of a human-centered agency started to take place. ????

Today, Looping Tech has grown into a diverse team interested in innovation, creativity, improvement – everything with humans in focus.
Our company was founded on the belief that people should be able to work together regardless of location. The best designers and engineers don’t all live in wonderland ???? , and our talent strategy accounts for that by investing in distributed team members. We tell our employees to work from anywhere they feel comfortable and concentrated.

Let’s hang out.????????