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From data-driven strategy through development and innovation, we bring a human-centred approach to all our websites. Succeeding in a digital-first future. “The essential modern business mindset”. We’re fully focused on helping you to leverage technology to fuel business growth and create human-centred experiences. Strong, efficient development is critical to Looping’s company culture, discovering the best solutions, staying up to date as technology evolves, and helping our clients stay competitive in today’s digital-first economy.

How much does a website cost?

What we do.

  • Booking systems
  • Blog websites
  • Brokerage systems
  • Business websites
  • Customer Relationship Management systems
  • E-commerce
  • Member websites
  • Integrations

… and many more.

Quality in everything we do.

Quality is one of our core values.

Cross-browser compability.

Cross-browser compatibility is important. Very important.


Comply strictly with WCAG 2.0.

The human-centred approach isn’t just about your users. We also think of those of you who will be working with your website to keep it updated.

International web standards.

We follow established conventions and international standards.

Long-term solutions.

A website should be easy to keep updating and developing further. We know from experience that this, unfortunately, isn’t given for all web agencies.

Responsive design.

Designs created for today’s websites need to be adaptable (responsive) to whatever device the user is visiting the site through. In short, it’s about creating a consistently user-friendly and optimized experience for all screen sizes. We always work with responsive design, tailoring the visuals and the amount of content on the site to larger as well as smaller screens.

Security mindset.

The security mindset guides our strategy on web hosting, choice of technologies, and practices for how we manage our development. We’ve developed both simple and complex websites for years, always with a high level of security.

Why WordPress?

  • We appreciate the open-source community of sharing knowledge in web development and helping each other improving the work of creating digital solutions for the future. That’s how innovation is fostered and expertise grows.

Many years ago we chose to focus on one content management system: WordPress, but WordPress is not the answer to everything. That’s why we make sure to also stay up to date on state-of-the-art technologies and solutions in the field of web development and how to best approach a digital solution that fits your unique project.

Get started!

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